Allowed to leave the examination room

Each applicant must take all necessary precautions to be present at the scene of the examination sufficiently in advance before the start of the tests and, in particular taking account of the ssc results instructions may be provided in each component or transport-related hazards. In case of difficulties of access to the examination room (ex. Severe strike of public transport), the chairman of the jury has the option to delay the start of the race and then open the envelopes containing the subject. This faculty must apply in respect of the principle of equal treatment of all candidates.

In case of serious difficulties, the president of the jury may exceptionally postpone to a later date. In all cases, access to the examination room should be strictly prohibited for any candidate that would arise AFTER the opening of the envelopes containing the subjects (and even more so after the ssc results distribution or disclosure of subjects to candidates). Installation of candidates Before the test begins, candidates must file their belongings (documents, bags) well away from their place of composition, place of filing being indicated by the monitoring personnel. Exceptionally and depending on the nature of the tests, applicants may be expressly permitted to use certain types of documents or materials.

Communication or information 

Data authorized by a display at the convocation examinations and remembered by the staff responsible for monitoring, either by any other means producing an official character). The use of mobile phones and other means of is prohibited during the event. This equipment must be in the off position and out of reach exam list of candidates. Students must be installed to be sufficiently distant from each other and, where appropriate, the place that is their respectively assigned by the custodial staff. It may carry out any development or change of place of candidates it considers necessary for the smooth running of the event. The essay is of course personal and should be done in calm and in silence. It is recalled that ssc results a student who fails to attend an examination for any reason whatsoever is normally considered failed, except for the absence duly justified serious reason and at the discretion of the jury in the conditions in MCC. 


Absolute ssc results

Among the teachers assigned to monitor a responsible examination room must be designated by the president of the jury. This person is responsible for the smooth running test equipment and the trial report drawn up at the end of test. The monitoring of the examination must be ssc results ensured without any interruption for the duration of the test. Before the start of the test, a supervisory staff reminds all necessary instructions for the smooth running of the event. Monitoring Progress and test General The teacher responsible for teaching involved in the test must be present at the scene of the review and participate in the monitoring, unless absolute impossibility appreciated by the President of jury (or the Director of the component) which designates his replacement.

Following disclosure issues, he said the time to composition and indicates the start time and end time of the event. In the beginning or during the event, there may be a candidate asks about the wording of a subject. The teacher responsible for ssc results teaching involved in the test, can give any further information deemed useful for all candidates (an ambiguity, giving an accuracy). When CT, candidates must deal only with the examination materials made available by the university.